These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: My Top 5 Broadway Soundtracks of All Time

“The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow!” I think I knew the words to Tomorrow from Annie before I even knew my ABCs.

Since I was a child, Broadway musicals have played a huge role in my life. However, since I did not live in NYC or always had the funds to attend a Broadway show, my escape was listening to the soundtracks.

These soundtracks help take you to the world of the show through the music. I loved

Top 5:

5.  Wicked (2003): When Wicked came out, it became a huge phenomenon and I instantly was in love with the album. As a huge Wizard of Oz fan, I loved hearing the different side of the story. I was not able to see the show on Broadway, or when it came to town due to ticket prices, so the soundtrack was my concept of the show, until I saw it many years later. I was able to imagine Idina Menzel flying in the air during Defying Gravity and was crying during For Good. The songs became very memorable and were a huge part of my musical theatre training, because at many camps and showcases we would perform select numbers from the show.

4.   Hairspray (2002):  My first exposure to Hairspray was the 2007 feature film. The story was the sole reason why I began to take dance lesson. It was motivational as a chubby kid to see Tracy make the Corny Collins show, and be the best dancer. I would dance to this soundtrack everyday after school. The music from the 60’s was very infectious and it had a positive message.

3.   Jersey Boys (2006): One of my favorite types of musicals is backstage musicals and those that are biographical. I enjoyed the story of Jersey Boys because it showcased the rise and success of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The music made you feel that you were listening to the group and brought you back to the 1960’s, with contemporary voices.

2.  Mean Girls (2018): When Tina Fey announced that Mean Girls was coming to Broadway I couldn’t be anymore excited! It has been one of my favorite films since it came out. Once the cast recording dropped on iTunes I haven’t been able to stop listening. It has many elements from the film, with some twist. As well as an amazingly talented cast. The songs are very catchy and true to the story with fantastic music.

1.  Annie (1977): As a child, this was my favorite musical, and saying obsessed is an understatement.  I feel most theatre nerds had this album in their collection growing up. While I am a huge fan of the 1999 Disney adaptation (the 1982 and 2014 films are awful), listening to Andrea McArdle defined who Annie was for me and the music was so greatly created by Charles Strouse that it was something the whole family could enjoy.

Agree or disagree with my picks? Comment blow you favorites!






One thought on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: My Top 5 Broadway Soundtracks of All Time

  1. Top 5 musical soundtracks- do I have to pick?

    1. Les Mis
    2. Wicked
    3. Annie- only put it there because it used to be my favorite
    4. Sound of Music
    5. Phantom of the Opera

    Maybe. My top two musicals are right. I do know Wicked and Les Mis are my top two favorite musicals. After that, I struggle with the rest


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