Mean Girls on Broadway: The Most Fetch Broadway Musical

IMG_3404I know, I’m almost “too gay to function” but Mean Girls is a pretty fetch musical!

My first experience with the film Mean Girls was when I was eight years old and snuck into the movie while it was in theaters. Since then, it has become one of my favorite films ever made and played a huge role in my high school and coming out experience.

Last year on October 3rd, Tina Fey announced it was coming to Broadway I could not be more excited. It was my mission that once it comes to Broadway, I must see it.

On Oct. 7th, my dream of seeing Mean Girls Broadway had become a reality, and I was not disappointed. IMG_2214

All of the quotes from the film are in the show (considering Tina Fey wrote the book). The music is outstanding, a touch of classic musical with a mix of contemporary style. There are also many political and social issues to make the story feel more relevant to today’s audience. Since, a lot has changed since 2004.

Here is the top 5 breakout musical numbers from the show that made this one of the best musical theatre experiences.

5. Sexy 


During the Halloween scene, Karen, played by Kate Rockwell, tells the audience her favorite holiday is Halloween because she gets to pretend to be something she’s not (but still sexy). It was a very fun number that showed different costumes can be used for Halloween that are often turned sexy for the holiday. These costumes ranged from a pirate, to corn, to even Jaws. It is a fun campy number with outstanding choreography by Casey Nicholaw (who is also the director).  Rockwell did a fantastic job at portraying Karen. There are many ways that an actress can play the stereotypical “dumb blonde”. However, she played Karen with that stereotype in mind. But, she was not “mean”. She just wanted to be able to be herself, but was under the thumb of Regina and couldn’t.

4. Meet the Plastics

Who you sit with in the cafeteria is crucial. First day of high school you instantly know who the popular students are. This number gives a clear introduction of who of the

HyperFocal: 0
Kate Rockwell, Taylor Louderman, Ashley Park (Entertainment Weekly)

plastics are. It showed each of the three plastics personalities and how they view themselves. The way the number was choreographed, the students worshiped the plastics while they were singing as if they were royalty and nothing else matter. The ensemble showed that they idolized these three. During the number the famous lines were said “On Wednesdays we wear pink” and this sets the tone for the rest of the show.


3. Someone Gets Hurt

Taylor Louderman, Kyle Selig (Chicago Tribune)

Revenge is very becoming for Tony nominee Taylor Louderman when performing “Someone Gets Hurt”.  Regina knows that Cady is in love with Aaron, but thinks it would be fun to get him back to hurt Cady for “stealing her man”. Louderman’s vocal range is absolutely incredible to be able to belt as high as she does during this number.  She plays Regina very cunning and knows how to achieve what she wants, which is Aaron. What was also noticeable with this number was the choreography from the dancers played the theme again of showcasing and worshiping Regina since she is the reining Queen Bee.

2. Apex Predator

Surviving Girl World is definitely harder than the Animal World. This number showed

Mean Girls Female Ensemble (

how fast it was for Cady to become “plastic”. The set for this number truly looked like the mall from the film. Also, the way it was choreographed the actors became very animalistic to show the combination of Cady’s two worlds. I will say, they way Erika Henningsen played Cady seemed more excited to be a plastic right from the beginning and was very quick to change personas. Where, Lindsay Lohan seemed more anxious and was more gradual with the change. As an audience member, it was fascinating to see the contrast in this character from two different actresses.

1. I’d Rather be Me

Mean Girls Ensemble (Variety)

Barrett Wilbert Weed was truly born to play Janis on Broadway. Weed has such a monstrous that only she could tackle this song with. Her belt is amazing and was so strong throughout the entire show, but was showcased in this number. This song boils down to the basic message of the show. Stop trying to be somebody else to “fit in.” Once you are your authentic self, people will love you for who you are, not for being somebody else. Janis is the one of the few characters in the show who knows exactly who they are throughout the whole story, and it is shown in this number.


If you are in New York City, I highly recommend seeing Mean Girls on Broadway. If you IMG_8035are a fan of the film, you will appreciate every moment of the show. If you have seen the show, comment below your favorite song from the musical!

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