Are You Brown Cow Stunning?: All Stars 4 RuCap

Have you listened to Brown Cow Stunning from Monique Heart? It is the ooh-ah sensation of All Stars 4. Before you continue reading, here’s the music video!


We are at the halfway point in AS4 and so much has happened in these last four weeks.

Four beloved queens have exited the competition. Will we see a comeback this season? Will Ru just chose a queen or will it be a challenge?

Here’s a look back at the girls who have left the competition thus far:


Jasmine Masters

Honestly, I keep forgetting Jasmine was a part of this season.

Jasmine is a very funny queen, but not preparing your material is not how you are going to win All Stars.

Also, her suit was giving me more James Brown than Liza Minnelli. Sorry Not Sorry.

At least Jasmine did not have have to deal with the craziness that laid ahead.

Farrah Moan


The moment Farrah fell I literally screamed. I felt so bad because that was the moment it was the end for her.

While Farrah is the reigning White Girl Dancer of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Gia definitely affected her emotions.

If Gia did not psych her out, maybe she would have gone further in the competition. Her future runways looked sickening!


Gia Gunn  

The Villain of All Stars 4.

Instead of bullying other contestants, Gia would have been more successful at telling her story as the first trans woman on the show.

Many can blame editing, but many of the things that came out of her mouth were nasty, thus should have been eliminated.

I can understand getting negative reactions from fans can hurt, but is it worth blaming and calling out Ru? Frankly, without Ru she would not be who she is today.

Ru has said some comments but that may not be correct, but he’s still learning. For Gia to be on this season is going to open so many doors for many more contestants.

Gia is a gorgeous queen, and I wish we saw more of that more than the nasty side of her.

Latrice Royale


When Monique pulled Latrice’s lipstick I bursted out crying. Latrice has been such an inspiration as a plus size queen and proves she can slay just as the skinny girls.

However, in comparison to the other queens, she did perform poorly this season. Her runways were decent but nothing exciting.

For the Jersey Justice challenge, she allowed Monique and Monet to outshine her, and on All Stars, you have to be the star.

Regardless if she wins or loose, Latrice is an All Star!

I saw Latrice in A Drag Queen Christmas, one of the most entertaining queens I have ever seen. She commands a stage and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

Latrice will remain as the most beloved queen of all time!

Who knows, she could return this season…..

What’s Next? 

lastsharecollage 2

At this point in the competition, my top three are Manila, Trinity, and Monique. All three have slayed each challenge, their runways had me gagged, and they have all won two challenges so far!

Naomi has been a high three out of the past four episodes. However, she is the only one thus far who has not won a challenge. She needs to step it up.

Monet runways have definitely improved in the last year since Season 10, but she can improve in the main challenges. She’s just okay. The opposite of her season.

lastsharecollage 2 copy

Valentina has not impressed me with the exception of her Ariana rudemption and her Selena tribute. I have not loved her runways and her snatch game was awful. Perhaps episode five my change my opinion.

2019 will be a year of blogs for me! New blogs will be out weekly and I am excited for more Drag Race Reviews, life tea, Disney adventures and more.

Comment below your thoughts on AS4 and blogs you want to see!

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