The Face Crack of 2019: AS4 Episode 5 RuCap

Just like every season, RuPaul finds a way to mess with every single emotion in the span of just over a minute.


Before we get into the Rigga Morris of the season, lets go over the Roast and the runways.

lastsharecollage 2


Manila Luzon 

Roast: SHOOT

Runway: TOOT

So if we recall, the most iconic aspect of the roast from Season 3 was Manila’s big bird dress and lip sync…not so much Manila’s comedy.

However, Manila coming on stage with the umbrella set her up for success for her whole set. It was hysterical and it helped she knows Lady Bunny! She came prepared and proved to the other girls that closing was not going to be a threat to her.

Her runway was BEAUTIFUL. It could have easily looked like Party City, but she looked like a Greek Goddess.

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Monet X Change 

Roast: TOOT

Runway: SHOOT

Monet was giving you Madea at Drag Race. She very on brand and was herself which made it funny.

Her runway was beautifully crafted. The queen we saw in season 10 is no longer here. Monet has amazing style and is bringing the performance and fashion to she belongs in the hall of fame.

This look is by far Monet’s best runway to date! I am excited to see what she brings next.

lastsharecollage 2 copy 3

Monique Heart

Roast: BOOT

Runway: BOOT

I thought Monique was funny. I knew the character she was going for, and there were a few jokes.

HOWEVER, the dress underneath it was not necessary.

Monique looked gorgeous…from the neck up. The makeup and the head piece were beautiful. However, she did not need the bed sheet. If it was just the blinds, it would have been better. Overall the whole runway looked cheap.

Now, I believe Monique should have been safe. Granted, she was not the best of the week. Yet, she did not deserve to be in the bottom.

lastsharecollage 2 copy 4

Naomi Smalls

Roast: BOOT

Runway: SHOOT

Naomi is not known for being a comedy queen….but really girl?

First of all, was Bunny your Sugar Mama because all you are giving me is a sugar baby coming to collect her check.

Second, if you are not funny, do not laugh at yourself. It just makes the whole situation even more awkward.

However, her runway was EVERYTHING. To come out as Prince was PERFECTION. By far the best runway of the week.


Trinity the Tuck

Roast: TOOT

Runway: TOOT

Trinity’s look was significantly more humorous than her roast. Which was surprising since Trinity can be very funny, however, scripts do help. However, she did look the part!

Her runway was absolutely beautiful and is another look that could have looked like it came from Party City but instead look like a beautiful angel.



Roast: BOOT

Runway: BOOT

First of all, How Dare You come on to RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 4 and not have on any eye makeup. Then to use the excuse that you did not have time is ridiculous. If the other girls had the same amount of time (and had more jokes than you) there is no reason that you should not be prepared. (Just like in Season 9.)

Second, I am going to need you to get out of this telenovela that you are living in. You were not funny. There were no jokes. If people were laughing it was because they were laughing at you. I know you think you are Linda Evangelista and that you are perfect, but that attitude is going to get you sent home. (Unless Ru saves you again.)

Now the runway, it’s decent. It did not fit her well and would have looked better with bigger hair instead of the same wig from the roast.

What’s Next? 

Just like every season of All Stars, the eliminated queens are back to reclaim their spots in the competition. I suspected that it would happen, but unlike the previous All Stars, there was not foreshadowing this was going to occur.

I do find it a coincidence that it was the same episode that both of the girls lip syncing had Valentina’s lipstick…

I do not know what to expect from this weeks episode. I mean…I kinda expect who’s the returning queen is….

Anyways, I do not know if they are going to chose to lip sync against the queen who eliminated them or the queen of their choice.

Comment below your thoughts for this week’s episode.








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