Super Queen: The Top 4 of All Stars 4

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While I am sure we are all still gooped that Manila did not make it all the way, tonight is the finale for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4.

Here are my final thoughts on each queen before we crown our winner:

Naomi Smalls

This queen stole my heart back when she


walked in legs first to the Werk Room in Season 8. Since then she has proved she can give us looks and performance.

Her shining moments this season was her lip sync to “Come Rain or Come Shine” vs Monet .

Her lip sync proved that she can perform to any type of song and she embodied Judy throughout the entire performance.

Naomi has proved her spot once again by making it into the Top 4.

Monet X Change

I thought Monet had what it takes to win Season 10. However, her runways were not at the same level as her performances.



Coming back onto All Stars showed that Monet has the full package. She give us comedy, give us fashion, and give us lip syncs (well….that could have been better).

Monet’s standouts this season was the Makeover challenge.

The Makeover challenge was Monet’s full rudemption. As we recall, Monet was eliminated this episode Season 10. It helped having that support in this episode from her friend/assistant Paddy to help her shine.

She looked absolutely gorgeous. While it was not required, she still had that essence of Judy Garland, which I was living for.

These alone are why Monet has earned her spot in the Top 4.

Monique Heart

When Monique was announced to be part of the All Stars 4 cast, I


did not think she would make it this far because of her run on Season 10.

Monique proved me wrong. From slaying acting challenges, sickening runways, and lip syncs where her wigs didn’t come off, (minus the first one) Monique proved her place in the competition.

Monique’s standout moment was her Brown Cow Stunning runway. While she did slay the acting challenges, her biggest growth came from her runways.

While some may be tired of “Brown Cow Stunning” I am still living for it. This runway was everything. It was giving me Alexander McQueen A huge step up from making garments 30 minutes before going on the runway like in Season 10.

Monique’s runways and talent has proved why she deserves to be part of the Top 4.


Trinity the Tuck

When Season 9 started, I was not the biggest fan of Trinity. However, by the end I was rooting for her to win. (I still believe it should have been her and Sasha). I was very excited that she was casted on this season of All Stars.

Trinity has grown the most as far as personality since her season. She has become very humble and is breaking the “Pageant Queen” stereotype and is able to believe in herself, especially through comedy.

Trinity’s standouts was her performance as Caitlyn Jenner in the Snatch Game.

Trinity’s Caitlyn Jenner was by far one of the best Snatch Game performances in Drag Race Herstory. She was able to commit to he character and truly break out of her shell.

Trinity has slayed in her comedic performances, runways, and four lip syncs to prove her spot in the Top 4.

Who will win?

I honestly do not know who will win the title. However, I am most proud of Monique and Monet in their growth since Season 10 since they have had the least amount of time since their season and have slayed the game.

I will not be watching it live since I have my first performance of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. (Also, make sure to get your tickets ASAP, link below!)

Comment below who you think will win! And stay tuned for my review on the Season 11 Queens, I have so many thoughts and questions!

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