Disney College Program Bucket List

IMG_0109This week I have stared my Disney College Program. So far this week has been magical. The move went very smooth. I love all my roommates an we have all started to bond.

This weekend I have my Traditions, which is my welcome to the Walt Disney Company.  Here are my 15 items on my bucket list during my DCP!

Do Not Anticipate, Participate

So many events in my life I anticipate and over analyze each situation instead of living in the moment. With the DCP, I have to remember that this is a such a wonderful opportunity that I know first hand how challenging it is to get. Within these seven months I want to cherish each moment because I cannot take this for granted.

Mickey’s Halloween And Christmas Party

Part of the reason why I am excited to be apart of the Fall program is the opportunity to attend the Halloween and Christmas parties. These are two of my favorite holidays and I have never experienced either of these parties.

Drag Routine for Night of Stars

At the end of each program, there is a talent show open for DCP participants called Night of Stars. I want to do a drag routine for this show to grow as a drag entertainer. I also want to do more drag shows within the Orlando area so that way a year from now I can submit an audition tape for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Do All Four Parks in One DayIMG_3610

Something I have always wanted to do is visit all four parks within one day and ride my favorite ride in each. My favorite rides are: Magic Kingdom: Space Mountain, Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror, Epcot: Soarin, Animal Kingdom: Everest.

Vlog Weekly

I have resurrected my YouTube channel Zach’sDisneyTales. I will be documenting my DCP journey through this outlet and will be bringing a new video at least weekly!  I will give the updated tea on my life and show vlog my experiences within the park and with my roommates!

Doing a Show with Stage Cast Club

I recently found out there is a cast member club that does plays and musicals produced entirely by cast members. I want to be involved with this in any capacity whether I am on stage or backstage.

Workout Daily

Throughout my DCP I truly want to work on my health and getting in shape. I want to workout daily whether that is at the gym or walking. I want to do some sort of physical activity daily so that by the end of my DCP I can lose at least 60 pounds.

Drinking Around the World

The only time where I Drank Around the World was for my 21st birthday. Then I did 7/11 countries. My goal now is to be able to drink at all 11 countries. I also want to try a wine from each country during Food & Wine since it is my favorite festival at Epcot.

Trying New Disney Treats

One of my favorite things when going to the parks is to eat the treats. They’re all so magical and help put you in the mood when at the parks. There is always new treats and some with a limited engagement. Since I am here, I have an easier access to trying the new treats.

IMG_0137Attend Gay Days

For the past two years I have attended the Magic Kingdom day for Gays Days. While it is not an official Disney event, I do want to attend more of the days and some of the parties!

Explore all the Disney Resorts

Prior to working for Disney, I was working for Marriott International so when I came to Disney, I never stayed at the resorts. Especially since I am working in a resort, I want to explore all the different resorts since they are all different and offer their own unique story.

Pin Trading

I have in the past done some pin trading but I did not get into it that much. Now that I am a cast member I want to try it again from that perspective.

Backstage Tours

I have heard many cast members talk about how they have had opportunities to go on backstage tours on some of the attractions. I think it would be fascinating because I enjoy learning the back story on things, especially with Disney.

Go on Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror on Halloween

Since these are the two of the most spookiest rides at Disney, I think it would be within the Halloween spirit to go on them on Halloween.

Have FunIMG_0127

Many events in my life I feel that I did not enjoy to my full ability because I was anxious or not giving my full potential. I am beyond grateful to be apart of the Disney College Program. I know first hand how hard it is to make it into the program, since this was my third attempt. Since I was a child I knew I wanted to work for the Walt Disney Company and my wish has become a reality.

I am ready to create happiness!



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