Queens Everywhere: The Top 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11


After a very long season, we have finally made it to the Top 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11.

While there many choices made this season, this Top 4 has some of the talented contestants ever in Drag Race herstory.

Here are my final thoughts on this season’s Top 4.

Akeria C. Davenport 

Until about halfway through the competition, I forgot this queen was still in the race. Then she danced her way into our hearts.


Just like a few other pageant queens, Akeria was not afraid to let lose and have fun in acting challenges.

Each runway was beautiful and glamorous and represented the Davenport name incredibly well.

With Akeria being in the Top 4, I am excited to see her put on a show for the lip sync for the crown.

Brooke Lynn Hytes 

After episode 1, this queen instantly became a strong competitor.


Each runway slayed us. Even when they were not the most exciting, she always knew how to give a entertaining presentation every week.

Even though Snatch Game and Top 5 performance may have been Brooke’s lowest point, throughout the majority of the competition she was always in the Top 3 or won the challenge that week.

Whatever the song may be, the other girls should be nervous if they have to lip sync against Brooke because she does not play and will make sure she does whatever she can to make it into the top 2 and the crown.

Silky Nutmeg Ganache


Since Meet the Queens I have not enjoyed what this queen has brought to the show. I feel she is loud, rude, unpolished….I can go on.

I personally do not feel Silky should have made it to the Top 4. I do not think she was ready to be on the show.

However, since it has been several months since the taping of the show, maybe her lip syncing ability has improved.

Yvie Oddly 


This queen has brought a new and different style of drag and I lived for each runway.

Yvie also proved in the Top 5 episode she could be an entertaining performer, rapper, and could do glam on the runway.

While this queen has only won one challenge, she has been in the Top 3 for the majority of the competition.

I am anticipating her lip sync tonight because she will pull all the acrobatics and continue to move her lips. (A talent some queens do not have.)

Final Thoughts

I would like to see as the Top 2 be Brooke and Yvie. These two have consistently slayed the competition, even when they have to lip sync.

For the crown, I want Brooke to take it all. She has brought glamor, fashion, and talent all season long. She will continue to carry on the legacy with Grace.

While I love the show, I am ready for a break. I would like a break to between now and Season 12 however I know All Stars 5 is filming but its fine.

Here’s to the end of a great Drag Race season, and may the best woman win!


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