My Top Ten Snatch Game Performances

Hey squirrel friends!

In honor of Drag Race UK having their Snatch Game episode tonight, I am going to share my Top 10 favorite Snatch Game performances!

Honorable Mentions 


Alyssa Edwards-Joan Crawford (All Stars 2)

Alyssa redeemed herself from her not so California Girl performance as Katy Perry from Season 5. She was giving us Alyssa as Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford and I was living. Now, Joan Crawford may never have done the Alyssa Edwards tongue pop, but Alyssa made the character her own. She made Crawford funny and enjoyable.


Nina West-Harvey Fierstein & Jo Anne Worley (Season 11)

In my opinion, the real winner of the Season 11 Snatch Game. Nina nailed Harvey Fierstein’s iconic voice. It showed she did her research and made it funny. Then gagged us all halfway though changing to Jo Anne Worley and continuing to stay in character for the entire game.


Katya-Bjork (All Stars 2)

Katya as Bjork proved to everyone she was a contender for the title. She was zany and crazy. While I did not understand half of what was coming out of her mouth, she continued to make me laugh.

Aquaria-Melania Trump (Season 10)


I was very nervous for Aquaria going into Snatch Game because I did not think she could act. However, she proved me wrong. Her timing was perfect. Her jokes always landed. She looked and sounded like Melania Trump. It is still a very political performance, and I loved every second of it.


Monet X Change-Maya Angelou (Season 10)

This was a big moment for Monet. She proved she had the comedy and acting chops. She did her research on Maya Angelou and it showed with her responses to Ru and made them funny. I think if her runway was as good as her performance, she would have won the Snatch Game.

Top 10

10. Ginger Minj-Adele (Season 7)


Adele is often seen as a somber, melancholy person as displayed in her music. However, Ginger was able to make light of her personality and made it funny. Ginger did not take herself seriously, which made it even more funny. I loved that she used food as a prop. Since Adele and Little Richard are both singers, it was fun watching Ginger and Kennedy play off each other.


9. Kennedy Davenport-Little Richard (Season 7)

Kennedy as Little Richard was controversial because it was a man. However, nothing states that the contestants must play woman. Kennedy as Little Richard was still drag. Kennedy stole the show (sorry Ginger). All of her comebacks were hysterical. She knew who she was playing. Her sining after each answer was so funny. She showed that you can be anyone you want on the Snatch Game, just make it funny.

8. Bob the Drag Queen-Uzo Aduba & Carol Channing (Season 8)


Bob changed the game when she did not only one character, but two. Bob played off of Aduba’s character in Orange is the New Black  by playing off the judges and with Britney Spears. Then pulled a 360 as Carol Channing. Not only changing wigs, but costumes as well. Both of these women have very distinct voices, and Bob was able to show both of them. Bob stayed in character for each and showed she could be a versatile performer.


7. Jinkx Monsoon-Little Edie (Season 5)

No one in the werk room had faith that Jinkx could win as Little Edie from Grey Gardens. Her performance showed that she put so much research behind the character and truly embodied Little Edie. She was able to answer each question without getting out of character. She proved that someone who is not as well known can win the Snatch Game.

6. Shangela-Jennifer Lewis (All Stars 3


Shangela has often credited Jennifer Lewis as her idol. She showed her love and respect during her performance. While there were still some Shangelaisms, it worked with the character. Since Shangela is a comedian, her timing was spot on. She knew which jokes to land. It helped she knew Lewis on a personal level because she was able to give a different perceptive.


5. BenDeLaCreme-Paul Lynde (All Stars 3)

Ben had a lot of pressure being that her first Snatch Game was so legendary, she had to find a way to top that, and she did. She once again truly became the person she was impersonating. Ben was continuously funny playing off of Ru and the judges. She looked very accurate to Paul Lynde. This is how she is the only two time Snatch Game winner.

4. Trinity the Tuck-Caitlyn Jenner (All Stars 4)


This was the moment Trinity won All Stars 4. Her performance as Caitlyn Jenner was the best performance that episode. It is a good thing she did not let Gia convince her to not do Jenner and let Gia do it. Trinity commanded each of the jokes. She looked identical to Jenner. (Which probably helps they’ve had very similar face work done.) Her characterization was spot on. She was able to be show Jenner as both masculine and feminine. Manila may have won the lip sync, but Trinity won the Snatch Game.


3. Bianca Del Rio-Judge Judy (Season 6) 

Bianca as Judge Judy was not too off from who Bianca is. This was the first time we really saw Bianca’s humor and it worked so well as Judge Judy. She was able to be herself which is hard depending on the character. She was able to insult the other queens, which worked. She insulted Ru which was very funny. This the moment that we saw Bianca become the leader of the pack.

2. BenDeLaCreme-Maggie Smith (Season 6)


In the werk room, Ru asked Ben if she could do a British accent. Ben told us she did not know how too. This queen played us and showed she could do a British accent. She knew how to play the competition. I never would have thought Dame Maggie Smith as being funny, until Ben’s performance. She used elements of Smith and Downton Abbey and showed she was a force to be reckoned with.

maxresdefault (1)

Alaska-Mae West (All Stars 2)

This performance was when I knew Alaska won All Stars 2. Mae West was the perfect choice for Alaska because it was very different from her style. She put in all of West’s catchphrases. She had the iconic Mae West voice. Alaska showed that she can be more than just a camp, spooky, comedy queen. She can give us old Hollywood glamor. Everyone little thing she did from moving her shoulders or her facial expressions made me laugh. This is why she is my favorite Snatch Game performance.

Comment below your favorite Snatch Game performances.

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