All Hail The Queens: The Final Look At Our Top Three on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK!


We have made it to our Top Three on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1! I have really enjoyed this first season! The casting was very well done. The queens that were chosen are all very talented and were all very nice to each other. Which is not something we see on the US series. There was subtle shade occasionally, but these queens were very focused on getting the crown, versus TV drama.

Here are my final thoughts as we approach the finale, and who I believe should win!

Baga Chipz~3 Wins, 1 Lip Sync


From the beginning, Baga has shown that she’s stunning, classy, and sexy. Her comedic style has helped her succeed in many of the challenges. Her runways have either been very campy and works. Sometimes, it missed the mark. However, we all know Baga will give us the full show and entertain us. Her “Much Betta” line from the Downton Draggy challenge will forever be her catchphrase and moment from the season. It was sad to see that the past two previous challenges that since she was not in the top, she got very defeated and almost gave up. Very similar to Alaska on All Stars 2. It was very sad to see how she treated her mom on the Main Stage. No matter you feel about you mom, there’s no reason to talk about her like that in front of the would.

Will Baga’s camp and comedy lead her all the way to the crown?


Divina de Campo~3 Wins, 0 Lip Syncs 

At the beginning of the season, I was not sure what to expect from Divina. She seemed to be second guessing herself too much. Even when she did well in the Downton Draggy challenge. However, after that moment, we saw more confidence shine through with her runways. She showed she was a fashion queen. It was sad to see that she changed her character in the Snatch Game to be nice to Baga, because that got Divina in the bottom 3. Yet, Divina was able to redeem herself in the girl group challenge and proud that she can sing, dance, and do whistle tone. Divina is the only queen remaining who has not lip synced for her life. Does that put her at an advantage?

Will Divina’s runways and performance skills lead her all the way to the crown?

The Vivienne~3 Wins, 1 Lip Sync


From the moment this queen entered into the werk room, she had the confidence that she was a star. Not in a cocky way, but that she knew her strengths and that she was here to win. The Vivienne showed us that not only can she serve on the runway, but she can make us laugh too. Her Donald Trump on the Snatch Game will forever be one of the greatest performances in Drag Race Herstory. While she may not be the best dancer as shown in the girl group challenge, every other episode she landed in the top or won the challenge. Does that put her at an advantage?

Will The Vivienne’s beauty and comedy lead her all the way to the crown?


Who do I think will win? 

I would love to see Divina take the crown. She has been the underdog and proved to herself and the world she has what it takes to be in the top 3. She can sing, dance, do splits, and has a beautiful eye for fashion and serves every time on the runway.

However, I do think The Vivienne will be the winner tonight. With the exception of being in the bottom 2 one time, she has consistently been in the top or has won the challenge. Does it help that she was the UK Drag Ambassador? I think it gave her an advantage.

This top three is very tight and can go in any direction. Overall, it is a very even playing field since they all have 3 wins, and have all been at least in the bottom 3.

It was a great first season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. However, I am ready for All Stars 5 and Season 12! When are we getting the tea….we’re ready!

Condragulations to each of the queens who have made it to Drag Race UK’s first Top 3! Good Luck, and don’t fuck it up!


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