Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving friends! While 2019 has been one crazy year, there is so much that I am thankful that happened this year.

IMG_1427My Comeback Into Theatre 

This year I made my return into theatre by being in Carrollwood Players productions of The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and My Big Fat Rowdy Irish Funeral. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity be back on stage and make life long friends while doing it. While I am currently not in a show, there are a few auditions I am looking into because I still have the bug and have an itch to perform. There’s still a part of me that I want to be on Broadway, but, for now I will love to continue to be a part of Tampa’s theatre community.

My DCP Experience IMG_0836

While I am no longer a Disney College Program participant, I am so thankful that I was able to finally be involved in the Walt Disney Company. I am truly blessed for the friends I made throughout my journey. In particular, I am so thankful for Zac, Ricky and Chance. Thank you so much for being my rocks throughout my program! I am so glad I meet each of you! I am thankful for the experiences I gained from Disney. It made me a better employee and will help me grow within Marriott.

IMG_2771My Return to Marriott International 

While coming back home was very abrupt, I am so eternally blessed to have returned to Marriott. I am in love with the property I am at. Everyone has welcomed me with open arms. Immediately I felt a sense of support and the entire team is there for one another. Thank you to Valeri and Infonta for giving me this amazing opportunity and answering any questions I have. Thank you to Jeremy and Ashley for being great trainers and resources. I am grateful for such a phenomenal leadership and I so excited to be on this wonderful team. 2020 is going to be my year that I grow in this company and I am ready to put in the work!

My Best Friend IMG_1429

Cheyenne, thank you so much for being the best friend that I could have ever ask for. You are always there for me when I need a pick me up, a photoshoot, or a girls night out. I am so appreciative that you’re there to help me take my photos, star in my videos, and help edit them. You have helped my confidence grow significantly. Seeing you slay as a girl boss has given me the inspiration to get my life together and chase after my goals and dreams! You and your family have always accepted me and made feel I was apart of your family and I am welcomed into your home. You are the sister I never had. I am so thankful we met in the cafeteria freshman year. Stay tuned for the Cheyenne and Zach 10 year anniversary special next year!

IMG_1428My Parents

For the last 23 years, these two have been my everything. They have been there for me through everything. They work with me when I am depressed or have my anxiety attacks. They have always supported me in everything I have wanted to pursue. They will do anything for me. They are patient and will never leave me. We are constantly learning and growing, but I truly loving and accepting parents. I honestly I have the greatest parents ever and I am truly thankful for them.

2019 was filled with so many lessons that I am very thankful for! These lessons are going to help slay 2020!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure to tell those who you are thankful for how much they mean to you!

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