2019 Final Thoughts

This has been one crazy year. So much happened this year. I learned so much this year, but I also grew a lot from this year.

IMG_3089 2My Comeback Into Theatre 

After an almost two year hiatus, I returned to the stage in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and My Big Fat Rowdy Irish Funeral.

As many of you may remember, I was accepted to the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts in their Musical Theatre program last year. However, I chose to decline the acceptance. Do I regret that decision now, a little. Not moving to NYC does not bother me as much and not pursuing theatre. It has something I have wanted since I was three years old. Being on stage, I feel that I am being myself and I am the happiest.IMG_0406

Which why, in 2020 I want to go back to school for theatre. In Tampa! This is something I have wanted to pursue for so long, and it is time I go for it! I am meant to be performer, and 2020 is the year I chase After my dream!

Come see me in Aida this spring at Carrollwood Players February 14-March 7!

IMG_0405My Disney College Program Experience 

I touched on this in my YouTube video, but, while my DCP was not everything I had hoped for, I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to work for The Walt Disney Company.

Participating in the Disney College Program has been something I had wanted to do since I was in high school. This was the third time I applied, and I made sure to do all the research to make it this time. However, looking back on it I should have thought about before jumping in and fully committing to the program.

To the friends I made during my experience, I am sorry I left so abruptly. I am also sorry I have not visited yet. I have not been ready to come back yet. However, I do plan on coming in early 2020!

Those who were part of my experience, thank you so much! You know it made it hard to leave and I miss you!

My YouTube Channel/Blog SiteIMG_3404

I wish I was more active on both of these this year. With my YouTube channel I have reached a point where I not sure where to go with it. I started it to be a reviewer, primarily for Drag Race. Which will be now done through my drag channel. I have tried vlogging but I know I am not consistent enough with it and I am not sure what to vlog about, since I will be doing a lot on my drag channel.

Once Drag Race comes back, I do plan on making more blogs focusing on that. I will also work on theatre blogs. My goal is put out a blog weekly.

If you have any suggestions for either of these, please comment below or let me know any if you have any ideas!

DSC08036Annie Whorebucks

I am so happy I was finally able to shoot the first episode of What’s the Tea, Sis? With Annie this year. It was something I had been planning for months. However, this is only the beginning. 2020 is my year to breakthrough in drag. I feel my makeup has improved so much. I am ready to continue making YouTube videos.

I am also looking for any gigs I can get! I am ready to perform on your stage! Message me if any opportunities are available!

My Mental HealthDSC04776

Currently, I am doing okay. This year my mental health has been a roller coaster. I am still having major anxiety attacks and not being kind to myself as I should be. However, 2020 I am going to focus on thing that make me happy, and not my anxiety and depression.

What I ask of you is, to be patient with me. As I am a work in progress.

DSC04602Final Thoughts

I am thankful for all the opportunities and experiences that I was able to have this. However, I am ready to close this chapter, and begin 2020.

Thank you for all the lessons 2019. This year, I was able to grow up, focus on the things that make me happy, and what I want to aspire to.

2020, I am ready for the opportunities that await in you.

To 2019, in the words of a queen, Thank U, Next!

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