My 2020 Goals

Welcome to the Roaring ’20s! We have made it to no only a new year, but a new decade.

I am prepared to make this my year, so I am starting off with a bang!

IMG_3521Here are my top ten goals I want to focus on with in this new year!

Promotion within Marriott 

I have been working with Marriott International since the fall of 2017. I feel that I have put in the work and knowledge to move up within the company. My goal is to be able to to utilize my communication degree with hospitality through sales, events, and social media. I am ready to take the steps to help make that goal into a reality.

Annie WhorebucksDSC08148

I want to continue doing What’s the Tea, Sis? With Annie! A new episode will be on Youtube every Sunday! My plan is to do one week with a guest, and the next doing hot topics, gossip, movie & TV reviews. Once RuPaul’s Drag Race is back, expect all of the tea! Especially, since we have Celebrity Drag Race, All Stars 5, and Season 12 coming soon. We are going to have a lot to talk about!

If you are interested in being one of my guests, comment below or feel free to contact me!

My goal is to also start doing club gigs! I am ready to perform on any stage! If there are DSC08243any performance opportunities, please contact me!

Weekly Blogs 

I plan to be more active here on my blog site! I want to start doing a weekly blog every Tuesday! These blogs will focus on mental health, theatre, plus size men fashion, LGBTQ+ life, travel, and of course RuPaul’s Drag Race!

Travel Plans

This year I want to travel more within the country. There are so many beautiful, historic, and fun cities I want to see!

New York City IMG_0419

Later this month, I am already planning a trip with Cheyenne to go to NYC! We are seeing Dear Evan Hansen, but may enter a few lotteries to see more shows! We will be taking so many pictures. Since we have both been to the city a few times, we want to go to sights we have both never seen!

I am also wanting to attend Drag Con NYC this year! I have been wanting to attend a Drag Con for years, this year I am determined to attend one. If you want to come with me, comment below!

New Orleans

For my 24th birthday, I want to spend it in New Orleans. It is somewhere I have wanted to go for years. There is so much history, good food, and music. Gumbo, beignets, and Jazz music? Sign me up!

Las Vegas

I have been talking about going to Vegas for years! There is so much to do and see! My good Judy Ari lives there and I know show me a good time! Plus the Drag Race and Kelly Clarkson residencies are there, so I need to see them!


Drag Con LA! It needs to happen this year! It is the biggest one, and it is the original. I just do not want to go alone. Who wants to come with me?


This year being an election year, I want to be more involved with the Democratic Party and be apart of the campaign team of the nominee. I could have been more active and vocal the past election, and regret not being. I want to attend the Democratic National Convention this summer in Milwaukee. It is time for a change in the White House, and I want to help ensure that change!


The only Prides I have attended are Tampa Pride and St. Pete Pride. I want to attend more Prides this year and continue being more involved within the LGBTQ+ community. Here are some of the Prides I am thing about going to. Comment below if there is another city I should go too.

Tampa Pride: March 28

Miami Pride: April 5

Ft. Lauderdale Pride: April 25 

St. Pete Pride or NYC Pride: June 26-28

Orlando Pride: October 10

Get Credit Score Back Up DSC08145

One of my biggest disappointments of 2019 was letting my credit score drop as much as it did. However, this year I am bringing it back up and my score will be back to where it should be.

IMG_0420Do More Theatre

Currently, I am in Aida with Carrollwood Players. However, my goal for is to be in six shows this year. I want to direct a show a show this year. I also want to have my first professional theatre job. The plan is still to return to school this fall for theatre at either USF, UT, or HCC.

Getting Back Into The GymIMG_9001

At the beginning of 2019, and all of 2018, I was very active in the gym and I was eating so much healthier. Since then, I have fallen the wagon a little bit. However, I have renewed my Crunch Fitness membership and ready to start slaying the gym again. I am not going to give a “goal number” for weight loss, because I know first hand that does not work or help the cause. I just want to lose weight period, and get healthy!

Read More 

Growing up, I was an avid reader. As I got older, that love for reading went away. I want to start reading more, because it is an escape from reality. It also can help me see the world differently. Comment below what books I should read.

DSC04703Mental Health 

The most important aspect of my life that I want to focus on repairing this year is my mental health. I am very anxious and my depression comes in waves. However, I have to work on not letting win. I want to focus on things in my life that make me happy, not anxious. I need to work on not letting things build up or taking it personally. I need more Me Time and escapes from reality so I can get my mind off of things. I also need to realize I have a great support team that is here for me, and know they are there for me.


DSC08124 2I am excited and ready to see what this year brings! Again, Happy New Year!

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