Steps To Stay Productive During Social Distancing

Happy Quarantine!

I know this a hard and crazy time for all of us. But know that you are not alone!

My first week of being in quarantine, I was very lazy and did not do much. However, it is time to step it up and stay productive and motivated through these hard times! Here are my quarantine steps that have helped keep my mental health at ease and that I do not go crazy.

Make Your Bed Everyday

The best way to start off my day is making my bed. For me, it helps me get out of bed and get going with the day. In my mind set, if my bed is unmade, I feel like I am going to be lazy all day. I also at times use my bed as a workspace, and it is more comfortable for me when its made and more space for me to work.

Changing Out Of Pajamas

When you sit around in pajamas all day, you have a mind set of being lazy. If you put on clothes, if it’s your around the house clothes or workout clothes. It helps put you in that mindset that I am ready to be productive. When you’re in your pajamas you do not feel as motivated and feel lazy all day.

At Home Workouts

One of the best way to stay active and motivated during quarantine is doing at home workouts. I have a small space in my room that I utilize for cardio and i use my chair for seated workouts and to help with balance. It does not have to be long workout either. 20 to 30 minutes is all you need. I found great cardio and yoga videos on Youtube. You can chose the level that you are most comfortable with. The channel that I have found has the best videos and workouts for me is Popsugar Fitness, I highly suggest doing their workouts.

Clean Your Room

I always say, your room reflects your life. When my room is a mess, my life is typically a mess. This is typically when my anxiety is at a high. I spent several days going through each section of my room going through and organizing everything. It made me feel so much more relaxed and not as anxious. It feels so peaceful being in a less chaotic space since I spend most of my time in my room.

Work On Passions Or New Hobbies

This is the perfect time to work on your passions or learn a new hobby or activity. For me, I am working on my drag and creating fun new videos. I have friends who are trying to master instruments they already know how to play, or learn a brand new instrument. If you ever wanted to learn how to do something, this is the time. There is Youtube tutorial for almost everything. This is the time to let creativity shine!

Check In On Your Friends 

We are dealing with self-isolation in different ways. As an extrovert, I feed off other people’s energy. I have to text, call, or FaceTime my friends and family as much as I can so that I do not go crazy. This is also a time to show support to your loved ones. Be there for them. I know many people (including myself) who have been laid off or had a cut on hours at work, and it is very difficult to deal with. This is the time, really more than ever, we must show compassion and love to everyone because we are all battling this new normal in our ways so we need to be there for one another.

Final Thoughts 

Know that times may be crazy, but you are not alone. We are all in this together. Stay safe. Do not touch your face. Wash your hands. Stay home if you can. Stay Strong!

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